10 Symptoms That Your Baby Is Teething

baby teething

Hi Mommies & Daddies,

Generally baby starts teething six months around but it can happen even more early say at 3 months. It is the bottom front teeth that come through first, followed by the top front teeth and then the incisors and finally the molars. There are few symptoms that  will give you idea that your baby may be teething 🙂 

Your baby will start biting more. Biting helps to relieve the pressure they feel on their gums. So he/she will biting you, her toys or even the furniture.

Baby also starts drooling a lot. When my baby started teething he used to drool like anything. 

Like biting, your baby may start sucking thumb or finger. This is because he/she trying to relieve the pressure from a tooth that’s about to come up from the gums.

This was a bit strange but my baby used to bang is head (slowly) on wall. I am not sure but I think it was due to the pain he must be facing due to the sore gums.

Some babies may pull on their ears to help relieve the pain due to those sore gums.

During teething your baby may remain cranky, fussy or irritated. This is again because  of those sore gums. We can’t do much in this but be patients & keep cuddling your little one 🙂 

Your baby may also face high temperature during teething. But don’t take it for granted as it can be due to illness or infection. So visit your baby’s doctor Asap.

During teething your baby may face loss of appetite. He/she will start refusing food & milk.

Many babies start pooping a lot during teething. My boy used to poop only once in a day but at that time he started pooping 5-6 times. But as I said not take it for granted, do visit your baby’s doctor to keep eyes on her/his health. Loose motions can also cause dehydration which can be really dangerous.

Due to the discomfort from the swelling and soreness, your baby may find it difficult to sleep at night or during nap-time. 

  • I am not an expert and all these information provided on the basis of experience with my baby and all the babies (my friends, relatives etc) around 😉

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