6 Labour Support Tips For Husbands/Dads

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Hello mommies & Daddies,

A woman carries a baby for 9 months & then delivers it. The whole process brings pain but along with that also brings the most beautiful moment of the life for a couple. You will find a lot of articles talking about tips for a mom for labour but rarely talks about dads. So in this post I am sharing 6 Labour Support Tips For Husbands/Dads.

Be supportive: Be a support system & keep motivating your wife. Ask her that what her expectations from the doctor. How she is feeling? You should also talk to her about the things which can make her feel good.

Do not panic: I know that it also a new experience for you & you may panic or get nervous. But as I said you have to be support system of your wife. So even if you are nervous don’t show it on your face.

Keep everyone update: You have to update about situation to your relatives and family. My husband skipped my massi & result was that she felt neglected (he he).

Be there: Labour can be a long process & your wife may be panicking so be there for her. I know there are a lot thing which will be keeping you busy (like filling form, talking to doctor, bringing medicine etc). But don’t neglect your wife meanwhile.

Pack your hospital bag too: Yes! You heard it right. You also have to prepare your bag with your clothes, slippers, snacks, toiletries etc. Your stay can be from 1 to 3 days in the hospital with your wife.

Capture the moments: This day will be a life time experience so don’t forget to capture the moments. Like the first glimpse of your baby, the first time your wife holding your bundle of joy etc

The pain a woman goes through can’t be shared but a husband can definitely be a source of strength 🙂

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