6 Ways To Prepare Your Toddler For Pre-school


When we decided to send our boy to pre-school we knew that it going be really difficult. I never leave him alone & he has a habit of seeing his mom 24*7. Believe me I cried harder than him (he he. motherhood is damn difficult), my heart was sinking with the thought of that anxiety which my boy must be going through. But we did it in a wonderful way & my boy got settled in his pre-school in just three days. So in this post I am sharing some easy ways to prepare your toddler for pre-school.

1. Create some excitement: Start telling him or her that he/she will enjoy there a lot. I used to say “Now Aarav will have many new friends”. You can also tell him or her stories about pre-school during the bed time. Take him or her on a trip to see his/ her new school and introduce him with the things like classroom, toys etc. Also have some chit chat session with your kid’s class teacher in front of him so he or she can be familiar with the class teacher.

2. Pack his/her favorite food: Pack best you can for his/her lunch box. When staff will offer him his/her favorite food then your kid will not only accept it easily but this will also help in developing a bond between them. So this in turn will make your baby easily adapt in the school.

3. Allow him to carry his/her favorite toy: I allowed my boy to carry one of his favorite thing to the school. He generally used to carry his favorite car in his hand. I have noticed that this treasured object to school makes your child to feel connected to you. After few days he stopped carrying that car to school. So I guess it is because he got adapted to this new place (school).

4. Be there: In the initial days be available, I used to wait outside the school for three hours. Yes! I did this for whole month. In the initial days whenever he used to be cranky (when teachers were not able to handle him). I used to be there to calm him down. This gave him an assurance that I am around. Luckily my boy did this for only first three days still I used to wait outside & once I got convinced that now he is comfortable I stopped waiting outside.

5. Build his/her trust: When you are dropping him to a new place then give him a trust that you will be back. Make a routine of reaching school at a regular time. In initial days you should reach a bit early because if other parents will be there & you will not then it will make you kid upset. Once I reached late & my boy got so angry that he denied to come with me (he he) & it took almost 30 minutes to convince him that I won’t be late again.

6. Reward: Give him a reward like candy or kiss saying that it is because “You are a good baby”. This will motivate your kid to give a reason to well behave in the school 🙂

These are things which I followed to my baby settle down in school. 99 % he loves going school & 1% he wants to have a lazy day at home 😉

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