Tips to Shape Baby Head Round

Immediately after birth, a baby’s head might not in be in a perfectly round shape. Due to the process of taking birth, often it is found that the baby’s head is either oval, or a bit flat at the end or even in some odd shape. But that doesn’t really mean that they will remain with that shape all thought life. A baby’s head is much delicate during the initial months, and that is the reason that extra care needs to be taken to take proper care of it. Taking the right care will not only protect your baby but also give the right shape to his head. In this blog today I am going to tell you certain ways that needs to be followed to make baby head in round shape:

  • Head massage:  Though there is no real proof that head massage will make the head in round shape, but even then it will impart the benefits of massage to the baby. But do remember, to get the right shape, do not apply pressure on the baby’s head, at all.

Head shaping pillows: Pillows filled with mustard seeds are the best to give the right shape to their head. The flowy nature of mustard inside the pillow helps cover the distortions in the head of the baby, if any and give it a good round shape as desired. You can start using regular pillows for your baby after he/she has attened 8th or 9th month of age, as till that time is the time when shape of head can be altered.

Special care of side movements: Make sure you baby moves in all directions while sleeping or even when awake. Generally a baby sleeps with chest on upside, so while awake, make him lie with chest on downside so that both sides of head gets equal pressure and that will help give the round shape.

Divert baby’s attention: Generally colourful or moving objects catch the attention of kids and thus they generally keep staring at the fan with chest upside. Therefore, keep some colourful tops around the baby to get his or her attention, so that they will tilt on different sides and thus the head gets pressure from all directions.

Apart from these, do keep in mind when you keep the baby on your lap or breast feed, do not keep them in one single posture, as that will become a habit of the baby and they will get annoyed when kept in some other ways. Do keep these basics in mind and get assured to get round head shape of your baby.

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How To Choose A Right Diaper For A New Born Baby

Hello Mommies !!!

If you are reading this post then I am pretty sure that either you are a new mom or you are waiting for your bundle of joy. I don’t know why but I am nostalgic today, the first time I saw my girl it was love at first sight. For few days I felt like in a dream, Ah!!! The moment you turn a mom, you start worrying a lot & all you can think is about your baby. You want everything best for your baby 🙂 I received a lot of messages from moms asking about the diapers and the most common was “How to choose a diaper for a newborn baby?”. So I thought to talk about this topic, let me clear here that I am not an expert & I am sharing my experience with you all.

1. Quality: These days a lot of options are available in the market in the different price range. I would suggest investing in diapers with the good quality material. A diaper with a soft surface and stretchy sides should be picked as it gently protects baby’s delicate skin and comfortably adjusts to their shape. 

2. Diapers with “U” shaped hole cut: There are diapers specially meant for newborns. They have a “U” shaped hole cut out on the front which makes room for umbilical cord stump. Finding them is like impossible in the local market so buying online is the only option. I wish that maternity home or hospital start keeping these diapers.

3. Proper size: Every baby has different weight so always choose a diaper keeping weight in mind. Just don’t buy a diaper which says “Newborn diaper”.

4. Absorbency: A newborn baby’s frequency of the urination and poo is much more than a big baby as he or she is completely on fluid intake. So we need to buy diapers with nice absorbency otherwise baby will face diaper leakage.

So as per my experience these four points to keep in mind while purchasing diapers for a newborn baby. When you use a diaper, be careful about the cleanliness of the bottom area. Every time you change diaper don’t forget to clean bottom part properly (I didn’t prefer wipes for my baby so I clean the area with water), wipe with the clean cloth & then apply a lotion or diaper rash cream (`if required).

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Things You Should Know Before Feeding Formula To Your Baby

Hi Mommies & Daddies!!!

You may have different reasons for giving formula to your baby. I will not discuss that in this post because my focus is on discussing things you (parents) should keep in mind before giving formula milk to baby. A common question asked by many parents that “Which is best formula for my baby”. As usual my answer is “Your baby’s doctor knows best”. Before starting formula it is must to consult a doctor to find best formula for you baby 🙂

  • Always wash or sanitize your hands before preparing formula for baby.
  • While feeding you should hold the baby’s head at a slightly elevated angle and keep the bottle held up so he/she doesn’t suck in a lot of air.
  • Don’t keep formula more than 15 to 20 minutes. If your baby has left his/her formula then it is better to discard rather than re-using.
  • Make sure that the nipple hole is of right size. It should be neither too large nor too small. If it is too large, your baby will gag and look alarmed at the fast milk flow. If the hole is too small or the nipple too hard for him, you baby will struggle a lot for sucking.
  • Never heat formula in the microwave. Microwaves heat the formula unevenly, and hotspots can burn your baby. Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to bring it up to room temperature. 
  • In every 30 ml of water take 1 scoop of formula. Say 1 scoop for 30 ml, 2 scoops for 60 ml and so on.
  • Do not use fewer scoops than directed, since diluted feeding may not provide adequate nutrients needed by your infant. Do ensure that enclosed scoop is thoroughly washed and dried before use.
  • Do consult you baby’s doctor before starting formula. He/she will help you in getting best formula as per your baby’s requirement.
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List of Unique Baby Girl Names|Indian

Hello Mommies & Daddies!!!

2020 is appearing like the most difficult year for mankind. Like me, many of you must be eagerly waiting for 2021 where we can live a fear free life. The only good thing about this year is that “Good news” we getting from celebrities, relatives, friends & neighbors he he. So I thought to write a post on unique names babies 😉 In this post I am sharing unique names of baby girls. Definitely will be going to a post of unique names of baby boy too.

AadhyaGodess Durga, unequalled
AahanaImmortal, Born during the day, Inner light, The first rise of the Sun
AaliaHigh, Highest social standing, Exalted, Sublimity, Lofty
AanyaInexhaustible, Resurrection, Limitless
AayatVerses from the Quran
Alaia/AlayaSublime in Arabic
AranyaBountiful forest, preosperity and fertility
ArdikaBeautiful Mountain
AtiraNative american, Godess of the Earth.
BelliSilver in Kannada and Tamil
DhritiCourage, Steadiness Morale, Pleasure, Command, , Determination
DiraDerived from Indira, Godess Lakshmi’s name
ElinaPure, carrying God’s light
FreyaGoddess Of Love
GaurangiGiver of happiness, Fair complexioned, Beloved of Lord Krishna
GaurikaA young girl,Fair,Beautiful, lord of brahmins
GeetIt means Song or  Melody
Hansini, HansikaSwan
HariniDeer, Godess Lakshmi
HiyankaOne with a good heart
IdayaHeart, Hearty, Godess Parwati
IshanviGoddess Parvati, Goddess of knowledge
JhalakGlimps or spark
KahiniYoung and Youthful
KairaviMoon, moonlight
KashviBright, Shining, Glowing
KeiyonaMorning Star
KyraSun, lord, Princess
LunashaBrightness and Beauty of Flowers
MahikaDew, Mist
MishkaMishka means Gift of Love
NairaShining, Glittering, Women with big eyes
NairitiAngel, “Apsara”
OveePrayer verse
RenaOf the Sea, Born Again, Melody
RhiaGood Heart
SaanviGoddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
SamaaraSoft , pleasant light

I hope you liked the post, in case you choose any particular name from the list then do share in comment section.

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Should I Give Gripe Water To My Baby?

Hi Mommies & Daddies,

When you have a colicky baby people mostly suggest you to give gripe water to your baby 🙂 I never believed in it but when rocking, burping and singing failed in calming him down, I had to convince myself for buying a bottle of gripe water. Gripe water is an old-time home remedy meant to soothe excessive fussiness and gas pain in the babies. 

What is Gripe water: Gripe water originally contained a mixture of sugar, sodium bicarbonate and nearly four percent alcohol. Given that beer at this strength can have a calming effect on fully grown adults, it’s easy to see why the mixture produced results among babies. 

But now non-alcoholic formulation too available in Indian market. My Dad bought Woodward’s Gripe Water for my  boy. As per brand it is an Ayurvedic formulation with a combination of Dill oil and Sarjikakshara that provides symptomatic relief – from stomach pain caused due to gas, acidity and indigestion in infants and children. It is absolutely safe – strict checks are done at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and hygiene of the product. Generations of mothers have trusted Woodward’s to provide Colic remedies to their crying babies.

Does Gripe water really works?

Now this is a really difficult question to answer as people using it from ages. No doubt there must be a strong reason for using it from years. But if I have to share my experience then I will say it didn’t worked in case of my boy. We used around two bottles of Gripe water but it failed in calming down my boy. Finally I decided to consult my baby’s doc & he suggested him Anti-colic drops (brand name I will not suggest). And it did wonder & our life become more easy 😉 

So I will say that I did not found it effective & discontinued it’s usage for my boy 🙂

Why it can be unsafe for a baby?

  1. Alcohol: The crying infant is soothed instantly due to the alcohol in it, and goes to sleep. In olden days the content of alcohol was way too high.
  2. Sugar: The alcohol content is replaced by the sugar. Sugar solutions are very effective in soothing colic in babies, but the sugar content can have a negative impact on erupting baby teeth. Also doctors advise no salt and no sugar till the age of one – as early exposure to sugar causes diabetes.
  3. Dill Oil: This component is used to ease the pain caused due to gas in baby’s intestines. The gas is the main reason for colic in infants. Experts recommend only breast milk for the first 6 months. Long term effects of dill oil on babies needs more study, and shouldn’t be given unless advised by a doctor.
  4. Sodium bicarbonate: This ingredient does not have much effect to cure colic in babies. additionally, it can have a negative impact and lead to alkalosis.
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How To Take Care Of Baby’s Umbilical Cord

Hi Mommies & Daddies,

During pregnancy nutrients are transferred from mommy to baby via Umbilical cord. Post delivery your baby has a purplish-blue stump which is around a half inch to an inch long. It generally takes 1 or 2 weeks to this stump for drying and falling off. During this period (1 to 2 weeks) you have to take care of it. In this post I am sharing few things which you have do to take care of it 🙂


  • Soak a Q-tip in the warm water and squeeze away to take out excess water.
  • Use the Q-tip to gently wipe around the belly button, removing any residue.
  • Be gentle while doing this.
  • Use a clean towel to pat the area dry.
  • My doctor also gave a medicinal powder to sprinkle on it. I am not mentioning it’s name (I think I should not.) So if your doctor also suggests then you can also go for it 🙂

You have to do it once in a day until the cord falls off. In case you have any doubt do consult your doctor 🙂

Remember on thing that your baby’s cord is still attached, do not submerge him or her in water for bath time. It is always safe to go for sponge bath. 

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10 Symptoms That Your Baby Is Teething

Hi Mommies & Daddies,

Generally baby starts teething six months around but it can happen even more early say at 3 months. It is the bottom front teeth that come through first, followed by the top front teeth and then the incisors and finally the molars. There are few symptoms that  will give you idea that your baby may be teething 🙂 

Your baby will start biting more. Biting helps to relieve the pressure they feel on their gums. So he/she will biting you, her toys or even the furniture.

Baby also starts drooling a lot. When my baby started teething he used to drool like anything. 

Like biting, your baby may start sucking thumb or finger. This is because he/she trying to relieve the pressure from a tooth that’s about to come up from the gums.

This was a bit strange but my baby used to bang is head (slowly) on wall. I am not sure but I think it was due to the pain he must be facing due to the sore gums.

Some babies may pull on their ears to help relieve the pain due to those sore gums.

During teething your baby may remain cranky, fussy or irritated. This is again because  of those sore gums. We can’t do much in this but be patients & keep cuddling your little one 🙂 

Your baby may also face high temperature during teething. But don’t take it for granted as it can be due to illness or infection. So visit your baby’s doctor Asap.

During teething your baby may face loss of appetite. He/she will start refusing food & milk.

Many babies start pooping a lot during teething. My boy used to poop only once in a day but at that time he started pooping 5-6 times. But as I said not take it for granted, do visit your baby’s doctor to keep eyes on her/his health. Loose motions can also cause dehydration which can be really dangerous.

Due to the discomfort from the swelling and soreness, your baby may find it difficult to sleep at night or during nap-time. 

  • I am not an expert and all these information provided on the basis of experience with my baby and all the babies (my friends, relatives etc) around 😉

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Your baby’s poop: Normal or Abnormal?

For the first couple of days after the birth, your baby will pass meconium. Meconium is greeny-black in color and has a sticky, tar-like texture. It is made up of mucus, amniotic fluid, and everything your baby has ingested while the baby was in your womb (uterus). Meconium may be difficult to wipe off your baby’s tiny bottom, but its appearance is a good sign that her bowels are working normally.

Your first milk, acts as a laxative, helping to push meconium out of your baby’s system. Once your milk comes in, after about three days, your baby’s poops will gradually change.

They will be:

  • Lighter in colour, changing from a greenish-brown to bright or mustard yellow. This yellow poop may smell slightly sweet.
  • Loose in texture. The poops may seem grainy at times, curdled at others.

In the early weeks, your baby may poop during or after every feed. On average, the baby will do four poops a day in the first week. This will slowly settle down and her bowels will work out their own routine. You may then find that the baby poops at a similar time each day.
After the first few weeks, some breastfed babies will only poop once every few days or once a week. This is not a problem as long as your baby’s poops are soft and are passed easily.

Your baby’s routine may change:

  • when you introduce solids;
  • if the baby is feeling unwell;
  • When the baby starts to take fewer feeds.

Starting your baby on solids will have a dramatic effect on her poops. You’ll find that her poops are affected by the foods the baby eats. If you feed her pureed carrot, the contents of her next nappy will be bright orange. You may find fiber-rich foods, such as raisins or baked beans, pass straight through your baby and end up in her nappy. This will change when the baby gets older and is able to digest fiber more efficiently. As the baby moves on to a wide variety of foods, your baby’s poops will become thicker, darker, and a lot smellier.

Many parents think their newborn baby is constipated if he is not passing bowel movements as frequently as they think he should. However, constipation is not defined by how frequently your baby passes stool. Rather, constipation is when the baby’s bowel movements are hard and cause pain or bleeding. The baby will groan or strain when trying to pass stool.

Other common symptoms of constipation are as follows:

  • stool streaked with blood, if there are cracks in the baby’s anus caused by the passing of hard stool
  • abdominal pain
  • irritability

Newborn babies who are breastfed exclusively are very rarely constipated. Constipation is more common in bottle fed babies. If your newborn baby is having difficulty passing a bowel movement, try moving his legs in a bicycle fashion. Sometimes other treatments are needed to help your baby have a bowel movement, such as water or diluted prune juice. These treatments should first be discussed with your doctor

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Ajwain Potli For Babies

Hello Mommies & Daddies!

Babies catch cold very easily, especially in winters. These days weather is very unpredictable here. Officially it is summers here but more of rainy season these days. In such climate babies too catch cold very easily. So I thought to share a home remedy (for preparing ajwain potli) for nasal congestion due to cold.

Ajwain Potli is something which I have a blind faith when my baby has nasal congestion due to cold.. he he. For Babies it is a natural inhaler made with the traditional ingredient Ajwain. It is known to treat nasal congestion in babies and kids. You can easily prepare this potli which is super effective with no side effect 🙂

What you will need: 

  • Ajwain
  • Muslin Cloth 


  • Heat a pan, now add 2 or 3 spoons of Ajwain.
  • Dry roast till nice aroma comes.
  • Then transfer the roasted Ajwain to Muslin cloth.
  • If you don’t have musclin cloth then use a cotton handkerchief.
  • Wrap the cloth & tie a knot to make a Potli.
  • Ta! da! The ajwain potli is ready.

For babies below 1 year, you have to place the Ajwain Potli near baby’s pillow. I used to keep it near my boys pillow when he was below 1 Yr. Inhaling the air can help in relieving nasal congestion. It is really effective 😊

For a toddler give a hot compress on Kids chest, back, feet and palms to relieve from Cold and wet cough. But make sure potli is not warm or hot as it may the baby’s skin.

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