How To Burp Your Baby

Hello Mommies & Daddies!!!

The very first tip which I received from my doctor post delivery was to make my baby burp after every feed. It may sound easy but believe me it need real trick. At that time I asked my mom to take responsibility as even holding him seems like a difficult task for me. Maa is experienced in this as she has experience of raising three kids (Me & my two brothers). But it took me two days to understand this Ninja technique 😉 So in today’s post I am sharing three ways for making your baby burp. Burping is something that is required until the baby is around four to six months old. Later on my baby learned burping himself 😉

  1. On your chest
  • Hold the baby on your chest and place their chin on your shoulder.
  • While supporting the head with your hand, gently rub his or her back.
  1. Sitting on your lap
  • Sit the baby on your lap, with its back to you.
  • Support the baby’s body with one arm; your palm should be against her chest and the fingers should gently support the chin and jaw.
  • Ensure that your fingers are away from the throat.
  • While slightly leaning the baby forward, gently rub or pat the back.
  1. Face down across your lap
  • Lay the baby across your legs, facing downwards.
  • While supporting the chin and jaw, rub or pat the baby’s back.
  • Ensure that the head is slightly higher than the body.
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How To Prepare Prune Juice For Constipation In Toddlers

Hello mommies & daddies!

I have already done a post on constipation in babies. Do read that post (Click Here to read) in that I have shared few home remedies which actually works in constipation. Giving prune juice too is super effective & in this post I am sharing the recipe to prepare prune juice. 

Prune juice is well known as a constipation remedy due to large part to its fiber content. If your baby is having hard time to poop, or passing hard stool, prune juice can be a helpful agent to let your baby poop easier.

What you will need:

  • Prunes- A handful
  • Lemon- 1/2
  • Water- 1 cup


  1. Soak dried prunes in steam for some time.
  2. Take the prunes and mix them in a blender. Obtain pure prune puree.
  3. Obtain fresh lemon juice from a half lemon and add it.
  4. Add a cup of water to it and mix it well.
  5. Serve the fresh, pure prune juice to your toddler.

So this the traditional recipe but sometimes baby may be not like it. So you can prepare blend prunes with other nutritious fruits and prepare a prune juice smoothie. My boy likes prune-mango smoothie.

Usually around 2-3 oz of prune juice a day is sufficient for babies but you can offer a little more can be given if they are older and request it. Don’t forget to dilute the prune juice with water 🙂

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6 Ways To Prepare Your Toddler For Pre-school

When we decided to send our boy to pre-school we knew that it going be really difficult. I never leave him alone & he has a habit of seeing his mom 24*7. Believe me I cried harder than him (he he. motherhood is damn difficult), my heart was sinking with the thought of that anxiety which my boy must be going through. But we did it in a wonderful way & my boy got settled in his pre-school in just three days. So in this post I am sharing some easy ways to prepare your toddler for pre-school.

1. Create some excitement: Start telling him or her that he/she will enjoy there a lot. I used to say “Now Aarav will have many new friends”. You can also tell him or her stories about pre-school during the bed time. Take him or her on a trip to see his/ her new school and introduce him with the things like classroom, toys etc. Also have some chit chat session with your kid’s class teacher in front of him so he or she can be familiar with the class teacher.

2. Pack his/her favorite food: Pack best you can for his/her lunch box. When staff will offer him his/her favorite food then your kid will not only accept it easily but this will also help in developing a bond between them. So this in turn will make your baby easily adapt in the school.

3. Allow him to carry his/her favorite toy: I allowed my boy to carry one of his favorite thing to the school. He generally used to carry his favorite car in his hand. I have noticed that this treasured object to school makes your child to feel connected to you. After few days he stopped carrying that car to school. So I guess it is because he got adapted to this new place (school).

4. Be there: In the initial days be available, I used to wait outside the school for three hours. Yes! I did this for whole month. In the initial days whenever he used to be cranky (when teachers were not able to handle him). I used to be there to calm him down. This gave him an assurance that I am around. Luckily my boy did this for only first three days still I used to wait outside & once I got convinced that now he is comfortable I stopped waiting outside.

5. Build his/her trust: When you are dropping him to a new place then give him a trust that you will be back. Make a routine of reaching school at a regular time. In initial days you should reach a bit early because if other parents will be there & you will not then it will make you kid upset. Once I reached late & my boy got so angry that he denied to come with me (he he) & it took almost 30 minutes to convince him that I won’t be late again.

6. Reward: Give him a reward like candy or kiss saying that it is because “You are a good baby”. This will motivate your kid to give a reason to well behave in the school 🙂

These are things which I followed to my baby settle down in school. 99 % he loves going school & 1% he wants to have a lazy day at home 😉

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Instant Relief/Home Remedies For Constipation In Kids

Hi Mommies & Daddies!

I am a mom of 3 years old boy & he gets constipated during travelling (He literally holds his poop at new place/washroom). Constipation in babies & kids is pretty common. On internet you will find many home remedies for constipation. I have tried many of them, some worked & some failed. So in this post, I am sharing those ways or remedies which worked for my boy.

Luke Warm Water Bath: This works in my boy’s case, warm water bath helps to soothe and relax the tensed muscles. A warm bath also works in case of constipation. You have to fill the baby’s bathtub with luke warm water. It will help the rectal muscles to open up and aid in the bowel movement. So next time do try this, if your baby has constipation.

Massage: Massage too helps in baby’s constipation, by inducing bowel movements. You can do it with lotion or baby oil (I use virgin coconut oil). You have to massage in clockwise direction to stimulate the bowels to move to the rectal region. This is easy & super effective method.

Tummy Roll On: Oh! This is something on which I swear by. Tummy roll works in gas, constipation and indigestion. So it is must have product, if you have a baby at home. There are many brands manufacturing tummy roll on like Mother sparsh, Mama earth etc.

Apple juice: Apple juice is also effective in constipation. The absence of fibre in diet may cause constipation in babies. It is important to improve fibre intake. Pectin- a water-soluble fibre in apples is very beneficial in treating constipation. So whenever your kiddo has constipation then give him/her apple juice in sipper or bottle. I make sure to give him juice every day to protect him from being constipated.

Prune Juice: Like Apple juice, Prune juice is also effective is battling with constipation in babies. Prunes are natural laxatives. Thus prune juice does a  wonders to ease bowel movements in babies. My boy doesn’t like prune juice much so we stick by to apple juice. Else Prune juice is more effective in constipation rather than Apple juice. 

Increase fluid intake: If constipation is pretty common in your baby then you should increase your baby’s fluid intake. It can be milk, water, coconut water, juice etc. But make sure baby is taking adequate amount of fluids. 

Increase physical activity: When your baby has constipation increase his physical activities. Like if your baby has started crawling then encourage your baby to move around in the house. Similarly if baby has started walking then make him run or jump around. This is super effective for my boy, I play hide & seek or race with him. Then he poops (he he), that is a different thing that this is not working for my weight. LOL

Overall there are many remedies to treat baby’s constipation but I have shared which I found really effective in constipation 🙂 

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7 Things Every Parent Should Keep In Mind While Feeding A Toddler

Hello Mommies/ Daddies,

Toddlers can be stubborn about food. As parents, we know it’s important for our kids to eat well. But day-to-day, feeding our little ones can be a struggle. As with most parenting challenges, understanding more about child development can be helpful, so here’s some advice — equal parts science, psychology and real-world experience — to guide you in forming healthy eating habits with your toddler:

You provide

It’s a parent’s job to provide healthy foods, and your work is done once you’ve served them. Your child may eat a lot or a little, and that’s okay. Stick to your routine, serving three healthy meals and two or three snacks a day.

They decide

You can encourage them to eat, of course, but don’t force it. Let them decide how much of what you’ve served they want to eat. The pressure that comes with forcing your child to eat something or “clean your plate” can make mealtime an unhappy experience. Research shows that kids react negatively when pressed to eat, and in the long-run, it doesn’t help them like new foods, even when they’re offered a reward for trying them.

Think long-term

It can be hard but try not to worry too much if they don’t eat well each and every day. Studies show that young kids usually get enough of what they need, over time, as long as they’re consistently given healthy food choices. That said, check with your doctor or healthcare provider if you’re concerned about your child’s diet or overall development.

You’re a parent, not a short-order cook

Try your best to not provide an alternative meal if your child refuses to eat what you’ve served. This can develop into a pattern in which they will only eat their three or four favorite foods and nothing else. From personal experience, this is one of the hardest skills to learn as a parent. Of course, it’s a good idea to always include at least one healthy thing your child will usually eat.

Trust them to say when

When your child says they’re full, take their word for it. Children’s hunger levels change constantly as their bodies grow and develop. It’s sometimes hard for me to believe that my little guy can be full after just five bites, but I remind myself that allowing him to listen to his own hunger and fullness cues is helping him learn to not overeat and to let his body guide his choices in eating.

Think about their taste buds

Vegetables have a hard time competing with the taste of candy, yogurt and juice because humans are hard-wired to love sweet things and mildly dislike bitter. But that doesn’t mean your child’s taste can’t be shaped, for better or worse. The more exposure your child gets too sugary, salty and fatty foods, the less they’ll enjoy naturally-flavored foods like veggies.

Watch your language

Children often live up to the expectations set for them by their parents, and their little ears are always on, so do your best to avoid referring to your child as a “picky eater” or “fussy” or “the one who only eats crackers.” Instead, use the power of your words for positive reinforcement: “Look at how you’re using your spoon to eat your soup!” “Looks like you love dipping your carrots!” “I love eating with you.”

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Home Remedies For Stomach/Intestinal Worms In Kids

Getting stomach worm is one of the most common things, and if your little one got that too, you really need not worry about it at all. There a number of ways, in fact home remedies in which you can help your kiddo get rid of the stomach worm. Before going to the ways of that, let me tell you the most common reasons as to why kids get stomach worms:

  • Walking/crawling barefoot in soil
  • Playing with dirty water
  • Touching or playing with stray animals
  • Having junk food
  • Eating unwashed food or veggies
  • Drinking un-purified water etc.

Now when your kid gets worm in stomach, it starts spreading by laying eggs and reproducing from them. That’s how there can be a number of worms in the stomach. The most common types of worm are pinworm and roundworm. Pinworm is the most common to affect kids and their size ranges from 3-10mm. It’s actually quite tough to understand that your kid has got pinworm in stomach, nevertheless, it’s really easy to get rid of them. So, let us first understand how will you actually detect whether your liltle one got these worms in stomach:

Indications of worm in stomach:

  • Your kid isn’t feeling hungry
  • Decrease in weight, on a regular basis
  • Stomach pain consistently
  • Getting irritated always
  • Getting blood in saliva
  • Worm coming out in vomits
  • Getting frequent pees
  • Tongue getting pale
  • Irritation in private parts
  • Becoming anaemic

These are the most common ways in which you can understand that your lil one is getting stomach worm. Now let us see the ways to get rid of these tiny culprits form your baby’s stomach:

Home remedies to get rid of stomach worm in kids:

Stomach worm is one of the most common things that majority kids suffer from and you need not be really worried for that. Here we will be telling you some of the most effective ways to get rid of those worms:

  • Pomegranate juice consumption on a daily basis is effective to get rid of worms in stomach.
  • Honey mixed with curd is again another effective way.
  • Bitter gourd is very effective against worm, you can make your kid drink juice of bitter gourd.
  • Turmeric mixed with warm water can be consumed on a daily basis before going to bed.
  • Tulsi leaf juice is yet another effective remedy against stomach worm.
  • Lassi with black pepper and black salt is great solution for worms.
  • Mix ajwin with some black salt and you can make it into a powder form and give your liltle one as its really helpful against stomach worm.
  • Tomato with some black salt and pinch of turmeric acts great against worm.
  • Water mixed with asafoetida is good against worm.

These are some of the most effective ways to help your kid get rid of those tiny culprits, viz worms from their stomach. But yes of course if the situation becomes severe, do consult a doctor!

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Hemoglobin Deficiency In Kids

We adults, when we get detected of lower hemoglobin content, consultation of doctor, home remedies, what not we run for. But have you ever thought of what to do if your little one gets detected with lower hemoglobin level? Don’t worry; we have come up with solution for that here with whole lot of foods to balance the hemoglobin and also the cause and indication of lower level of hemoglobin. But before that, let us also know the right level of hemoglobin in kids of various ages:

Less than 1 month age: 10.0 to 20.0 g/dl (13.9 g/dl)

1-2 months age: 10.0 to 18.0 g/dl (11.2 g/dl)

2-6 months age: 9.5 to 14.0 g/dl (12.6 g/dl)

0.5 -2 years age: 10.5 to 13.5 g/dl (12.0 g/dl)

2- 6 years age: 11.5 to 13.5 g/dl (12.5 g/dl)

6-12 years age: 11.5 to 15.5 g/dl (13.5)

Now how will you understand hemoglobin deficiency in kids?

Some of the common ways to understand lower level of hemoglobin in your little one are:

  • Inside of eyes or nails look dull and pale
  • Kids will get tired fast in case of haemoglobin deficiency
  • The face seems pale

What are the common reasons of hemoglobin deficiency in kids?

Generally, it is observed that kids who has had premature delivery has lower hemoglobin content, and that usually continues till the age of 1 year.  Iron content is what regulates body blood level and hence once that goes down, kids encounter low blood level.

Top 5 foods to regulate blood level in kids:

  • Carrot: Feed your kid with carrot juice or even puree of carrot. This way they will like the food and this will also help regulate blood level.
  • Green leafy vegetable: I know it’s really tough to feed green veggies to kids, but its immensely helpful to maintain good hemoglobin content. So you can make soup out of those and feed your little one.
  • Dates: This I believe is liked my majority of kids because of the candy kinda taste. And guess what? It has high iron content and is immensely helpful to increase blood level in kids.
  • Pomegranate or Banana or Guava or Apple: All these fruits are immensely helpful in regulating blood level in body. Now again it may happen that your little one hates fruits, in that case you can make juice out of these either individually or all mixed together and feed him/her.
  • Tomato: Make your little one consumes tomato, or if not direct tomato, tomato soup or puree to overcome blood deficiency.

Now the next time you feel that your little muchkin is suffering from low blood level, do try out the above home remedies before jumping to consult a doctor. Hope these remedies help!

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