Everything About C-Section Stitches Care

The biggest scare that would be mommies have in their mind is about C-section delivery. A little difficulty in pregnancy gives rise to the need of C-section delivery and there are various things that are to be maintained after a mommy has undergone a C-section delivery as if not so done, it might led to infections in that portion which can be really problematic.

Some of the basics which are to be taken care when a lady has undergone C-section surgery are:

  1. Cleanliness: Take extra not for cleanliness of the stitched area. Unclean stitched area can give rise to infection. Keep the area clean and dry to avoid infection.
  2. Keep away from cosmetics: Do not by even mistake use any cosmetic in the stitched area. Apply only those creams (if any) which your doctor have prescribed and nothing else.
  3. Breastfeeding Precautions: Breastfeeding might be a little tough for a mommy who has undergone C-section surgery. So you can even try taking help of someone else while breastfeeding your kid.
  4. Cloths: Wear loose fitting cloths until the stitches have completely healed up to keep infections and problems away.

What not to do after C-section delivery?

  • Try to avoid physical relationship unless the C-section region has completely dried up to prevent further complications.
  • Keep yourself away from swimming or even bath tub so that the C-section stitch area is kept dry.
  • Make sure you do not get constipation as this stage when you have just undergone C-section delivery as it might put stress on the stitch area and create further issues.
  • Avoid long travel or even hectic travel immediately after C-section delivery.

How to clean the stitch area after C-section delivery?

Apply those ointments on the stitch area which is being prescribed by the doctor. Keep the stitch area dry and for that put a plastic film over the stitch area while taking bath. For cleaning the area, use a cotton ball dipped in Dettol and clean it at least twice a day.

How long it takes the stitch marks to go?

Generally it takes 5-6 months for the stitch mark to fade away. If even after applying the doctor prescribed ointment the mark doesn’t fade out, try some home remedies for the same.

Do not over worry regarding C-section delivery, do take some precautions as mentioned and rest assured you will be fine!

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Home Remedies to Get Periods Early

We girls get stuck in situations many a times where our time of getting periods coincides with date of some hectic trip or date of going to temple. For one of my friend it even so happened that when her date of marriage got fixed, it was coinciding with her date of getting periods. In these kinda situations it’s a pretty much of headache as neither can we cancel the plan, nor can we take part freely in it. So I am gonna share with you today some home remedies which works in majority cases to get early periods. Let’s check those out:

  • Ajwain and Water

Ajwain creates body heat which facilitates the process of getting periods. So start drinking Ajwain water 2-3 days prior to the date when you want your period to happen. It helps!

  •  Turmeric

Turmeric has numerous benefits. And apart from the other benefits that it has, it is also a great ingredient to facilitate early period by creating body heat. Drink turmeric milk in empty stomach almost 1 week prior to the date that you want to get period. For that mix 1 small tablespoon of turmeric with milk and drink. It is pretty much effective.

  • Papaya and Aloevera juice

Papaya is super effective in generating body heat. It increases the oestrogen level in body and thereby is super effective in facilitating early periods. Even aloevera juice does the same job. There are a number of aloevera juices available in the market, drink that in empty stomach 3-4 days prior to your desired date of getting period.

  • Warm water bath

Generating body heat is the key to getting early periods. So to do that, taking warm water bath is one way. Even you can use rug at night while sleeping to generate internal heat and get early periods.

  • Sour fruits

Orange, sweet lime and likewise citrus fruits are super effective in getting early periods. Apart from this you even get Vitamin C tablets which facilitates early periods.

There are a number of medicated options available in the market to get early periods, but then why not ditch those options when you can even get the desired result from simple yet effective home remedies!!