Diabetes During Pregnancy: Ways To Cure & Avoid It

Along with multiple other body and hormonal changed during pregnancy, there is one more thing which many woman suffer form and that’s diabetes. This kind of diabetes during pregnancy is known as gestational diabetes. Now that this has become a new and common problem in would be mommies, in this blog I will be telling you ways to deal with it.

What is this gestational diabetes?

The diabetes level which is found in pregnant women generally between 24th to 28th week of pregnancy is the gestational diabetes. If you look at the statistics, in India, 9.2% of pregnant women suffer from this gestational diabetes.

Reason of this gestational diabetes?

Pregnancy demands increased insulin formation in the body, and insulin is that hormone which controls body glucose level. Now in cases where the body is unable to product enough insulin, then the sugar level increases and that leads to gestational diabetes. Generally gestational diabetes gets cured on its own after the baby is born, in some cases, it can even continue after pregnancy. Now some of the reasons which can aggravate sugar during pregnancy are:

  • Too much of weight gain before or during pregnancy: If you have an abnormally high BMI index before pregnancy, that might pose a high risk for getting gestational diabetes. For pregnant women BMI is supposed to stay between 11-16.
  • Too much fat in belly: Too much belly fat can lead to gestational diabetes and the only way to avoid it is to do regular yoga and exercises.
  • Getting pregnant after 35 years of age: Pregnancy after the age of 35 or nearby has chances of gestational diabetes and in that case women have to be extra cautious regarding diet and lifestyle.
  • Heredity: Gestational diabetes largely also depends on heredity.

Indications of gestational diabetes?

Frequent urination or excessive and frequent thirst or excessive tiredness or blurred vision are the most common indications to gestational diabetes. In these cases, get yourself checked and confirmed about your sugar levels.

How is test for gestational diabetes done?

There are majorly two different types of test for checking gestational diabetes:

A1C Test: Here blood sample is taken in fasting stage and test is done to ascertain diabetes.

RPG Test: This is the Rapid Plasma Glucose test which can be done at any point of time and fasting isn’t a mandate for this one.

Effect on the Baby and Mom due to gestational diabetes:

Effects on the baby:

  • High blood sugar can reach the baby in the womb via placenta and that can result in increased weight of the baby
  • High blood sugar can lead to high amount of amniotic fluid around the baby in the womb and this scenario is known as polyhydramnios.

Effects on mom:

  • Chances of miscarriage
  • Cesarean deliver chances
  • Premature delivery
  • gestational hypertension

Things to be kept in mind if you get gestational diabetes:

  • Take a little extra care regarding food habits, and increase protein intake
  • Do exercise regularly
  • If you have very high level of sugar, take insulin on doctor’s prescription
  • Get health check-up done daily

Tips to avoid sugar during pregnancy:

  • Exercise: Exercise plays a vital role in regulating blood sugar levels, if not exercise, walk 5000 minimum steps regularly.
  • Folic Acid intake: With doctor’s prescription, if you take folic acid tablets, that regulates blood sugar levels.
  • Food habits: Maintain proper and healthy diet and increase protein intake.

One thing to be kept in mind is that if you have got gestational diabetes in the first pregnancy time, it has chances to recur in future pregnancies as well. So be extra cautious!

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