Did You Know These Details About Home Pregnancy Test?

If you are the one who is having family planning in mind, or maybe one who had an unprotected sex, I am sure you must be looking forward to get a pregnancy test done at home to check for your pregnancy. Now there are certain know how-s associated getting the home pregnancy test done. When and how is the test to be done is something crucial that you need to really know before you attempt the test. So, I am here to give you clarification about every minute detail of the Pregnancy test so that you get to know whether you are expecting or not.

What is Pregnancy test basically?

Once the sperm enters the female body and gets attached to the egg inside, a hormone called Human Coryonic Gonadotropin (hCG) starts secreting. This generally starts after 5-6 days of fusion of the egg and the sperm. Now, this hCG hormone’s presence is found in urine or blood samples which is what is done in the Pregnancy test.

In the home pregnancy test kit, urine sample is tested for the present of this hormone indicating whether you are expecting or not. You can even visit your doctor to check for the pregnancy who in that case will check for the presence of hCG in your blood sample and not urine. Though checking via blood sample is more accurate, it is also favorable to get the test done at home with the pregnancy kit with your urine sample.

When is the right time to do pregnancy test?

Now this is question where majority of you I am sure must be having doubts. Let me clarify those, the right time to do a home pregnancy test is during your scheduled time of menstrual cycle. That is the period when body will get adequate amount of hCG hormones in case you are pregnant to give you the correct result.

Now what if you are the one whose menstrual cycle is always irregular? If you fall in this category, then the right time is 36 days after the last month’s menstruation cycle or 4 week after the ovulation date. Now in some case, the pregnancy test result might be negative but you have a feeling that you are pregnant, in those cases do the check again after5 to 8 days or even you can visit the doctor for confirmation.

Things which can affect test result:

There are a number of drugs which can affect the result of pregnancy test, and those generally are:

  • Sleeping pills
  • Pills for depression
  • Pills for urine regulation
  • Pills to increase chances of pregnancy

So in case if you are on any of the above medication, its best to visit a doctor than to do a home pregnancy test.

How to do the test and how long it takes to give the test result?

There are a number of brands which manufactures pregnancy testing kits and more or less the testing process for all is similar. You have to collect your urine sample (most preferably the first urine of morning) and pour the amount of drops as instructed by the brand on the strip. The result of the test gets reflected within 5-10 minutes. But then, generally the results which get reflected before 5 minute or after 10 minutes are generally found to be wrong. Just a few things to be kept in mind whole doing the test are:

  • Do not drink excess amount of some liquidy substance before doing the test as it will then dilute the urine and hCG amount in urine will fall giving wrong results.
  • Read the instructions carefully (eg: how many drops of urine is to be poured, what is the indication of that particular kit, how long to wait to see the results etc)
  • Definitely before buying the kit do check that the kit isn’t expired.

Now in 99% cases its seen that the home pregnancy test gives accurate result, but of course there is that space of 1% glitch too! The faulty result generally comes in these few cases:

  • If you haven’t followed the instructions properly while testing
  • If you haven’t done the testing in the right time
  • You are using a faulty or expired kit.

So in case of any doubt regarding the test result, either re-do it, or visit a doctor.

Hope I was able to clarify all your doubts regarding home pregnancy test, and in case you have any further doubt you can comment that in the section below and then I will try my best to answer the same!

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