Headache During Pregnancy: Reasons & Solutions


Headache is one of the most common things that all of us suffer from, sometime or the other. And during pregnancy, when the body already goes through a lot of hormonal changes and all, headache isn’t something unnatural. What you need to avoids during pregnancy is pain killer for headache because any medicine, which isn’t particularly prescribed by your gynae, can cause adverse effect on the baby inside your womb.

There can be multiple reasons for headache during the time of pregnancy. Some of those are:

  1. Acidity: An empty stomach for long hours causes gas and acidity issues and that might lead to headache often.
  2. Heat: Sunrays and the heat due to that is one of the most common causes of headache. So in case you need to step out in sun, do cover yourself properly so that you are protected from the sun.
  3. Oxygen deficiency: If you face oxygen deficiency, which might be a reason for headache. In that case go take a stroll in fresh air and open environment.
  4. Incomplete sleep: Incomplete or insufficient sleep can be a regular cause of headache.

The headache during pregnancy can trouble you a lot as already body goes through a lot many changes during this phase. So now let us see how to tackle headache during pregnancy without the help of any medicines:

  1. Take a cold water shower or if that’s not possible, do splash some cold water on face. This will make you feel fresh and relieved to a good extent.
  2. Cold bad compress over the forehead is the age old way of getting relieved from headache.
  3. Get a good head massage done by someone when you are having the headache. This relieves muscular tension and reduces headache.
  4. Now if you are getting headache during winter, do a warm water bag compress, this works equally as good as cold water compress during summers.
  5. Ginger is one great ingredient to relieve you from headache. But this is most effective to specifically relieve migraine related headaches.
  6. A good oil massage in the head and neck also helps reduce muscular tension and helps relieve headache. Any regular hair oil works for this method.
  7. Sandalwood is well known for bringing that glow to skin, but did you know that this is even effective in mitigating headache? Sandalwood paste mixed with water when applied on skin or if not that, sandalwood oil helps relieve headache. The amazing therapeutic smell of sandalwood helps do the job.

Hope these solutions can address your headache during this crucial phase of life!

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