How Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy Is Normal?


Weight gain during pregnancy is very very normal with the growth of the baby. But also, there is a range upto which weigh gain is normal, beyond that might be harmful for both the mum and the baby. So let us know in this blog what’s that safe limit.

The amount of weight gain basically depends on body BMI index. BMI is to be calculated as:

Weight/height in cm

Now if the BMI is:

>18.5: Low BMI

18.5-24: Normal BMI

25-29.9: High BMI

<30: Obese

BMIPermissible increment in weight in every week after trimester

Now let’s see what promotes this weight gain:

Total weight might increase upto: 11-15kg

  • Weight of the baby during birth (generally): 2-3.6kg

Placenta: 0.90-1.36 kg

Amniotic fluid: 0.90-1.36 kg

Breasts: 0.90-1.36 kg

Increased blood pressure: 1.81 kg

There can be a number of other attributes as well to promote weight gain during this phase of life.

Now if there is too much weight gain during pregnancy, that can lead to several issues like:

  • Diabetes
  • Extreme labour pain
  • Waist pain
  • Chances of miscarriage etc

In case of excessive weight gain, it is always advisable to visit the doctor.

Ways to control weight during pregnancy:

  • Eat at frequent intervals but in optimum quantity only
  • Instead of solid meal, increase fluid or liquid food intake
  • Increase intake of protein in diet
  • Do some exercise or yoga daily
  • Do not try to increase your appetite
  • Strict no for fast food

Now what if your weight decreases during pregnancy?

It can be somewhat dangerous for the momy as well as the baby if there is drastic decrease in weight during pregnancy, which can occur in cases where BMI is already below 18.5. these are the possible things which might happen if weight decreases:

  • Premature delivery
  • Excessive labour pain
  • Miscarriage
  • Death of the baby
  • Decreased weight of the baby

How to now keep weight in control or increase weight in case of decrement of weight during pregnancy?

  • Do not stay hungry
  • Drink milk or take milk proteins
  • Eat green leafy veggies
  • Drink lots of juice
  • Cut down salt and sugar intake
  • Take sufficient rest

Remember, over gain or over loss of weight during pregnancy both can be harmful in its own ways. Take proper measures to prevent either of it!

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