How To Burp Your Baby

Baby Burp

Hello Mommies & Daddies!!!

The very first tip which I received from my doctor post delivery was to make my baby burp after every feed. It may sound easy but believe me it need real trick. At that time I asked my mom to take responsibility as even holding him seems like a difficult task for me. Maa is experienced in this as she has experience of raising three kids (Me & my two brothers). But it took me two days to understand this Ninja technique 😉 So in today’s post I am sharing three ways for making your baby burp. Burping is something that is required until the baby is around four to six months old. Later on my baby learned burping himself 😉

  1. On your chest
  • Hold the baby on your chest and place their chin on your shoulder.
  • While supporting the head with your hand, gently rub his or her back.
  1. Sitting on your lap
  • Sit the baby on your lap, with its back to you.
  • Support the baby’s body with one arm; your palm should be against her chest and the fingers should gently support the chin and jaw.
  • Ensure that your fingers are away from the throat.
  • While slightly leaning the baby forward, gently rub or pat the back.
  1. Face down across your lap
  • Lay the baby across your legs, facing downwards.
  • While supporting the chin and jaw, rub or pat the baby’s back.
  • Ensure that the head is slightly higher than the body.
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