How To Choose A Right Diaper For A New Born Baby

Hello Mommies !!!

If you are reading this post then I am pretty sure that either you are a new mom or you are waiting for your bundle of joy. I don’t know why but I am nostalgic today, the first time I saw my girl it was love at first sight. For few days I felt like in a dream, Ah!!! The moment you turn a mom, you start worrying a lot & all you can think is about your baby. You want everything best for your baby šŸ™‚ I received a lot of messages from moms asking about the diapers and the most common was “How to choose a diaper for a newborn baby?”. So I thought to talk about this topic, let me clear here that I am not an expert & I am sharing my experience with you all.

1. Quality: These days a lot of options are available in the market in the different price range. I would suggest investing in diapers with the good quality material. A diaper with a soft surface and stretchy sides should be picked as it gently protects baby’s delicate skin and comfortably adjusts to their shape. 

2. Diapers with ā€œUā€ shaped hole cut: There are diapers specially meant for newborns. They have a ā€œUā€ shaped hole cut out on the front which makes room for umbilical cord stump. Finding them is like impossible in the local market so buying online is the only option. I wish that maternity home or hospital start keeping these diapers.

3. Proper size: Every baby has different weight so always choose a diaper keeping weight in mind. Just don’t buy a diaper which says “Newborn diaper”.

4. Absorbency: A newborn baby’s frequency of the urination and poo is much more than a big baby as he or she is completely on fluid intake. So we need to buy diapers with nice absorbency otherwise baby will face diaper leakage.

So as per my experience these four points to keep in mind while purchasing diapers for a newborn baby. When you use a diaper, be careful about the cleanliness of the bottom area. Every time you change diaper don’t forget to clean bottom part properly (I didn’t prefer wipes for my baby so I clean the area with water), wipe with the clean cloth & then apply a lotion or diaper rash cream (`if required).

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