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Hi Mommies & Daddies!

I am a mom of 3 years old boy & he gets constipated during travelling (He literally holds his poop at new place/washroom). Constipation in babies & kids is pretty common. On internet you will find many home remedies for constipation. I have tried many of them, some worked & some failed. So in this post, I am sharing those ways or remedies which worked for my boy.

Luke Warm Water Bath: This works in my boy’s case, warm water bath helps to soothe and relax the tensed muscles. A warm bath also works in case of constipation. You have to fill the baby’s bathtub with luke warm water. It will help the rectal muscles to open up and aid in the bowel movement. So next time do try this, if your baby has constipation.

Massage: Massage too helps in baby’s constipation, by inducing bowel movements. You can do it with lotion or baby oil (I use virgin coconut oil). You have to massage in clockwise direction to stimulate the bowels to move to the rectal region. This is easy & super effective method.

Tummy Roll On: Oh! This is something on which I swear by. Tummy roll works in gas, constipation and indigestion. So it is must have product, if you have a baby at home. There are many brands manufacturing tummy roll on like Mother sparsh, Mama earth etc.

Apple juice: Apple juice is also effective in constipation. The absence of fibre in diet may cause constipation in babies. It is important to improve fibre intake. Pectin- a water-soluble fibre in apples is very beneficial in treating constipation. So whenever your kiddo has constipation then give him/her apple juice in sipper or bottle. I make sure to give him juice every day to protect him from being constipated.

Prune Juice: Like Apple juice, Prune juice is also effective is battling with constipation in babies. Prunes are natural laxatives. Thus prune juice does a  wonders to ease bowel movements in babies. My boy doesn’t like prune juice much so we stick by to apple juice. Else Prune juice is more effective in constipation rather than Apple juice. 

Increase fluid intake: If constipation is pretty common in your baby then you should increase your baby’s fluid intake. It can be milk, water, coconut water, juice etc. But make sure baby is taking adequate amount of fluids. 

Increase physical activity: When your baby has constipation increase his physical activities. Like if your baby has started crawling then encourage your baby to move around in the house. Similarly if baby has started walking then make him run or jump around. This is super effective for my boy, I play hide & seek or race with him. Then he poops (he he), that is a different thing that this is not working for my weight. LOL

Overall there are many remedies to treat baby’s constipation but I have shared which I found really effective in constipation 🙂 

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