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A pediatrician is an expert who manages the physical, social, and mental thought for kids from birth until age 18. A pediatrician is set up to break down and treat a far reaching extent of youth afflictions, from minor clinical issues to genuine diseases. For certain children, these adolescence starts when they enter pre-adulthood, which happens around the age of 12 or 13 or nearby. But then, it may be reasonable to change to a specialist who has expertise in young adult drug, which ordinarily covers kids and energetic adults between the ages of 10 and 25.

A pediatrician gets visits from a youngster a ton of times from birth to age 2 and once per year from ages 2 to 5 for “general test.” After age 5, your pediatrician keep on observing a kid each year for yearly exams. They’re the main individual to call at whatever point your kid is feeling ill. They have specialization in youngsters’ well being. They just observe youngsters in their training, so they have a ton of involvement with perceiving and treating youth sicknesses. In the event that your kid was brought into the world early or has a well being condition that necessities close observing, a pediatrician may offer more specific consideration.

Here is the list of pediatrician in Gurgaon so you can easily connect with them. For any kind of medical assistance please mail or call us. For the online consultation with the Pediatrician click Here.

1.Dr. Suresh Keshan, Sector 49  093133 72492
2.Dr Babita Jain, Sector 31  097737 00861
3.Mother & Child Clinic, Sector 14  085274 29555
4.Delhi Children Centre, Sector 6  099534 22880
5.Dr Awan Kumar, Sector 7  0171 255 2000
6.Dr Kapil Vidyarthi, Sadar  088001 88334
7.Dr. Vaneet Parmar, Sector-56  0124 413 1091
8.Dr Somendra Shukla, sector 40  098188 33484
9.Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, Sector 12  098102 98882
10.Dr. Siddhartha Gogia, Sector 28  98999 77935
11.Dr. Anuj Dhama, Sector-49088007 44119
12.Dr. Deepa Aggarwal, Sector 41  084486 95085
13.Dr Ajay Mehta, Sector 49   097180 62000
14.Dr. Sachinder Jain Naval, Royalton Tower  098916 57134
15.Dr. Anil Bindal, Near Prem Mandir, Old Railway Road098100 30327
16.ArBor Multi Speciality Clinic, Sector 67  084489 19002
17.Pankaj Mehta, Sector 9A  095827 14813
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