Myths Regarding Getting a Baby Boy

Even though technology has made a huge advancement, education system has progressed, the world has become a better place to live in, there are a large chunk of population who still in today’s date craves for a baby boy. They still differentiate between boys and girls and starting from the day of conceiving, they start finding out or rather trying out ways such that they get blessed with a baby boy.

They believe, for carrying out their legacy, a baby boy is all that is required, and not only this, even they believe that in their old ages, guys are the one who will take good care of them. This segment of people also are of that category who easily falls in prey of those fake “pandits” who promises them to get a baby boy after following certain rituals or doing certain things or even the worse being eating certain things to get a baby boy. For all of them, make it very clear, the gender of child depends on science, and how much ever you try the results are gonna be the same in case of pregnancy.

So in this blog today I am gonna bust some of those well circulated myths regarding getting a baby boy. Before going to that, let me also tell you the science behind the gender of baby that you are going to get. A male has XY chromosome and for female it is XX. So when a male’s X chromosome fuses with female one, its gonna be a baby girl, and if the Y chromosome fuses with the felame one, its gonna be a baby boy.

Now let’s check out the popular myths:

  • Don’t eat sour things if you want to get a baby boy or Drink coffee to get a baby boy:

Like really? At this stage, when we all know that how biology is dependent on science, can you still believe this this that eating or not eating certain thing, or drinking something is gonna give you a baby boy?! There are people who believes that the caffeine in coffee if had by both the parents will give them a baby boy. Whereas the truth is drinking too much coffee during pregnancy can actually cause more of harm than any good.

  • Potassium rich foods or medicines will help get a baby boy:

Potassium rich foods like nuts, bananas etc are good in general for the overall health of a mother, but then excessive of potassium intake can also be harmful at times. Whether be it food or any medicine, nothing can really change the chromosome form Y to X to get a boy, so not you know this is an utter myth.

  • The right timing or way of sex will result in baby boy:

You mean to say having sex in some particular day (popularly believed to be in half moon days) are gonna give you a baby boy? There are even myths which says that having sex after 2nd or 4th or 6th day of menstruation cycle will give a baby boy. Whereas the right thing is that there are phases called ovulating phases wherein a female becomes most fertile. That doesn’t mean that having sex during that phase will result in a boy child, rather it will increase the chances of your pregnancy.

  • Good to have cough syrup before having sex to get a baby boy:

You mean to say cough syrup will change the behaviour of chromosome? I don’t think this needs any more explanation.

This is high time that we should stop believing these myths regarding getting a baby boy and rater gracefully the child no matter which gender it turns out to be. The most important thing is that the child should be healthy, gender is actually immaterial. These days females are no way backward as compared to makes, lets accept that truth and enjoy parenthood!

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