Reasons Of Tired Feeling During Pregnancy & Solutions

Weakness and tiredness during pregnancy is something that majority of the would be mommy’s face during pregnancy. According to doctors, this tiredness happens during the initial few months of pregnancy. During the pregnancy, there is a huge hormonal change that the body undergoes and each and every part of the body faces those changes. Thus a tired feeling at the initial stages is very normal for majority women.

Now this tiredness can happen due to some reasons which might turn out to be harmful for you as well, those are:

  • Anaemia: The reduced blood level leading to mild or severe anaemia at the time of pregnancy can lead to excessive tiredness and that should be immediately taken care of as it might turn out to be dangerous.
  • Depression: Some medicines taken during pregnancy can result in depression and that can in turn lead to tiredness. If that’s the case, do visit your doctor and get it changed.

Generally the tiredness during pregnancy continues from 1st trimester to 3rd trimester. The reason of this is that during this phase, the body of mommies goes through a lot changes to let the baby in the womb grow. This also results in high hormonal changes which is something unusual to the body and thereby the body feels tired and drowsy.

How to deal with tiredness during this phase?

Unless the tiredness is severe, there are some home remedies which can help you get rid of tiredness in the body. Those are:

  • A good sleep: A sound sleep for 8 hours is a very good way to revive the health and feel fresh. Try getting that beauty sleep which will definitely help make you feel fresh.
  • Eat well: Good food is a must during this phase, for the mommy as well as the baby in the womb. And not only that, the right food also helps keep tiredness away.
  • Have a balanced and nutritious diet: Balanced and nutritious diet helps maintain the blood balance in the body which is a vital part of pregnancy and thus keeps you feeling fresh.
  • Avoid sugary food: This is a must during pregnancy. Once you cut down your sugar intake, you yourself will feel the difference, it will leave you feeling energetic the whole day.
  • Do some light exercise: Get the direction from your doctor and do exercises which is beneficial during this time. This will keep you energetic and revived.

SO these are the ways in which you can keep your tiredness at bay during that vital phase of life!

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