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Speech therapy

If you are worried about your kid’s speech then it is high time to consult or take help of an expert. Speech therapy is a corrective treatment for physical cognitive deficits resulting in difficulty with verbal communication. It includes working on both speech and language. Depending upon the evaluation a speech therapist decides plan of action.

A speech therapist is a speech language pathologist who is trained to diagnose, treat the children with speech, language, cognitive-communication disorders. He or she will also work on voice, swallowing, fluency disorders. So will definitely help in your kid’s speech.

In this post we are sharing speech therapy centres in Gurgaon. You can give us a call or mail for any kind of assistance 😊

1.J S Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Centre  Apna Bazar, Sadar Bazar Rd
2.Dr. Veena Sukhrani, Samarth Speech Therapy Centre  Sector 49
3Medick Curo Child Development Centre  Sector 40
4.Dr.Larynx Speech and Hearing Clinic  Sector 10
5.K.Laal Audio Aid and Speech Clinic  Sector 12
6.Vikas Kumar – Senior Audiologist & Speech Therapist  Sector 1, Palam Vihar
7.V-Listen Speech and Hearing Clinic  Sector 49
8.Blooming Words speech and language therapy center  Sector 46
9.Sankalp Centre For Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychological Assessment  Sector 51
10.SK Speech & Therapy Clinic  Sector 49  
11.Let’s Talk Speech & Hearing Clinic  Sector 50
12.Shri Vasudaaye Hearing & Speech-Language Intervention  Sector 45
13.Kite- Early Intervention Therapeutic Pvt Ltd  Saraswati Vihar
14.Dr R K Lohiya Speech Therapy Centre  Sector 23A
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