Tips to Shape Baby Head Round

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Immediately after birth, a baby’s head might not in be in a perfectly round shape. Due to the process of taking birth, often it is found that the baby’s head is either oval, or a bit flat at the end or even in some odd shape. But that doesn’t really mean that they will remain with that shape all thought life. A baby’s head is much delicate during the initial months, and that is the reason that extra care needs to be taken to take proper care of it. Taking the right care will not only protect your baby but also give the right shape to his head. In this blog today I am going to tell you certain ways that needs to be followed to make baby head in round shape:

  • Head massage:  Though there is no real proof that head massage will make the head in round shape, but even then it will impart the benefits of massage to the baby. But do remember, to get the right shape, do not apply pressure on the baby’s head, at all.

Head shaping pillows: Pillows filled with mustard seeds are the best to give the right shape to their head. The flowy nature of mustard inside the pillow helps cover the distortions in the head of the baby, if any and give it a good round shape as desired. You can start using regular pillows for your baby after he/she has attened 8th or 9th month of age, as till that time is the time when shape of head can be altered.

Special care of side movements: Make sure you baby moves in all directions while sleeping or even when awake. Generally a baby sleeps with chest on upside, so while awake, make him lie with chest on downside so that both sides of head gets equal pressure and that will help give the round shape.

Divert baby’s attention: Generally colourful or moving objects catch the attention of kids and thus they generally keep staring at the fan with chest upside. Therefore, keep some colourful tops around the baby to get his or her attention, so that they will tilt on different sides and thus the head gets pressure from all directions.

Apart from these, do keep in mind when you keep the baby on your lap or breast feed, do not keep them in one single posture, as that will become a habit of the baby and they will get annoyed when kept in some other ways. Do keep these basics in mind and get assured to get round head shape of your baby.

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